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New Catering Provider - Caterlink

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New Catering Provider - Caterlink
by Amanda Raymond - Thursday, 1 June 2017, 11:15 AM

As of Monday 5th June you will probably notice that we have a new provider of the College Catering.  The new provider is Caterlink, a company which works in many educational settings and has a fresh, vibrant approach to giving affordable tasty food sourced locally wherever possible.

We still have the same lovely people working in the shop and kitchen (yes Viv is there), but you will see introduction of new dishes and different styles of serving such as help yourself to condiments (as requested by the Student Union).

For now you will see a change in the decoration of the areas - Chefs Venue has become "The Kitchen" but plans are being made to make a big difference in the summer where practical and any returning students in September will see this.

Keep a look out for offers and tasting sessions coming your way!